Keyzone front shell fit for : XUV500 flip key (Front-Shell)

Keyzone front shell fit for : XUV500 flip key (Front-Shell)


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Models: XUV500,
  • This is an aftermarket product. The key casing/panel is for the front part only. Back panel/case with blade is not supplied.
  • Package includes – Empty key shell front case, No electronic board or battery inside. No key blade. No back panel.
  • Just replace the front remote panel/casing of your damaged key to solve your problem. You don’t need to buy a new complete remote key in case your remote is damaged.
  • STEPS: Open the remote control body with a screw driver. Remove the front remote case/panel from the case.
  • Remove the transponder chip from the other side of the case. Be careful that you do not damage the immobilizer chip.
  • Install the chip and remote body onto the remote case the same way.Your key is ready to use.
  • Please ensure you transfer the immobilizer chip from your old shell to your new one, else your car will not start.

Suitable for this key only


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